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We encourage our members to join our free online communities. Additionally, paid members will have access to our private, members-only communities, where you can share ideas, ask for support, and participate in member-only content and discussions via interactions among members, including a variety of opinions, dialogue, and reflections.

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You need to learn new things every day. Your competition could be ahead of you if you’re not careful. Learn from others who’ve been successful before you.

Our Communities are places where people share interests and ideas. We have many communities available for various service industries such as Appliance Repair, HVAC, Plumbing, and Electricians. We even have a unique community just for Customer Service Representatives (CSRs).

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Ensure that you know the rules of behavior before joining any of our communities. We don’t tolerate rudeness or spamming. Please be courteous and helpful.

You are welcome to ask questions you may have. What you learn may surprise you!

Please refrain from posting anything irrelevant to the discussion. Inappropriate posts may lead to bans. Be more generous than you receive.

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