Most appliance repair companies are small businesses. It’s hard to run a business when you are isolated and do not have peers, mentors, and training to help you along in the process. Perhaps you want to grow your business and don’t know where to start.

The good news is there are appliance repair associations and groups you can join to get professional assistance when it comes to running and growing your appliance repair business. So what do these organizations offer? Let’s take a look at the top appliance repair associations for appliance repair professionals.

To ensure that owners receive quality services, appliance repair associations are formed. These groups usually organize training sessions and certification programs where technicians can prove their skills. Once certified, members receive access to special discounts from manufacturers and can provide reliable service.

Many trade groups offer training programs, networking opportunities, scholarships, and other perks that appeal to various interests and professions. This article explores the 6 top appliance repair associations you should know about.

Top Appliance Repair Associations Worth Considering

In no particular order, here are the top appliance repair association groups to help you identify and join top appliance repair associations to help grow your business.

1. Service Alliance Group


Service Alliance Group is a national organization that provides resources to help members grow their businesses by providing technician support, business development, proprietary systems & processes, mastermind groups, and marketing resources. Its mission is to promote the growth of home service companies to elevate the larger home service repair industry.

The Service Alliance Group is a trusted resource for those looking to grow your service business. Founded by servicers, the group is dedicated to providing high-quality professional education and resources to help its members succeed.

The Service Alliance Group is a membership organization dedicated to elevating the industry for home service companies. Service Alliance Group fits well into the category of Appliance Repair Associations. It is an alliance of highly experienced service professionals and some of the industry’s most respected appliance repair companies dedicated to providing exceptional service to community members.

The organization has three core values:

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Community

All-Access Membership

Service Alliance Group’s All Access Business Owner Membership is designed to give you full access to the entire feature set. You will receive unlimited access to all current and upcoming features. With this membership, you can take advantage of everything this organization offers. It wants to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything.

Service Alliance Group Offers a multitude of benefits for All Access members such as:

  1. Largest Library of Service Manuals – Service Alliance Group offers 150,000 service manuals, diagrams, and bulletins along with its priority support, where members can get technical assistance when needed. In addition, its company membership plans enable you to create employee accounts so they can also benefit from its services.
  2. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) – The world’s biggest library of SOPs for home services repair companies such as appliance repair companies, HVAC companies, electricians, and plumbing companies.
  3. Home Services Business Coaching – Service Alliance Group helps you grow your service business by increasing profits, cash flow, customer satisfaction, employee retention, and overall success. Tailored specifically for the appliance repair, plumbing, electrical, and heating/cooling industry.
  4. Business Courses – Service Alliance Group offers a variety of resources to help you grow your service business. These include online business courses, which teach you everything from basic advertising techniques to advanced selling skills.
  5. Online And In-Person Events – Service Alliance Group has both online and in-person training events. These events include Ask Me Anything sessions, Masterminds, Business Roundtable Discussion Groups, Conferences, Live Training, and more.
  6. Discounts And Deals – Service Alliance Group has partnered with many of the industry’s top service providers, manufacturers, and parts distributors. Members can enjoy discounted perks by being a part of the All Access membership.

2. United Appliance Servicers Association


UASA is one of the nation’s largest Appliance Repair Associations. Their members are saving money every day. Being one of the largest providers of membership benefits, software, and services, United Appliance Servicers Association understands the importance of keeping your business running smoothly. That’s why they’ve partnered with many other organizations to offer you a special savings opportunity just for UASA members.

Affordable Appliance Repair Classes

United Appliance Servicers Association (UASA) offers affordable appliance repair training courses to help small businesses learn how to diagnose and fix appliances. These classes are taught by certified technicians and focus on providing practical information to solve common problems. Topics include troubleshooting electrical issues, refrigeration repair service, air conditioning repair service, and heating systems, among others. Classes are held monthly throughout the year. Also, you won’t find hidden or additional charges and fees for attending classes.

3. Professional Service Association

PSA logo

Professional Association Services understands how important it is for your association to maintain strong communication channels with its members. This includes keeping members up-to-date about issues affecting the appliance repair community and a large focus on appliance repair technician training.

Skill Certification

The most important thing you as a technician can do is to let your customers know they are dealing with someone who is among the best in the industry. To accomplish this goal, you must become certified. Become a Certified Appliance Professional (CAP) with a Master Technician rating. This certification is awarded by the Professional Service Association (PSA). In addition, CAPs must pass a rigorous exam administered by PSA every three years. Becoming a CAP demonstrates that you possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform professional-level work in the field.

4. MSA World

msa logo banner

Marcone Servicers Association (MSA) is on of the leading Appliance Repair Associations dedicated to improving the trades by providing the most comprehensive educational courses and materials for building profitable service companies. Beyond tools and pieces of training, MSA offers a rich community of industry leaders, experts, and peers where all can learn from each other.

Since 1998, MSA has helped thousands of service companies grow and thrive. Its membership includes some of the best independent service providers, including Appliance Repair Pros, Service Experts, A&E Home Services, and many others.

MSA provides diverse benefits from hands-on webinars and virtual pieces of training to professional and personal programs designed to strengthen the operation of members and build stronger teams.


dasa logo

DASA is the National association of independent organizations that service domestic electrical & electronic consumer products. It is a membership organization working together to promote the interests of its members. The membership includes over 300 firms providing electrical and electronic goods and services to consumers throughout the UK.

DASA is based in Brussels and represents over 300 member companies. They work closely with the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the Council of Ministers to ensure that consumers receive fair treatment and high service standards throughout Europe.

Regular Customer Satisfaction Research

DASA is the only association of independent domestic appliance service companies. As well as being the voice of independent appliance services, it is also the voice of consumers. It wants to know clients’ opinions about the reputable service you receive and how the company could do things better. It runs regular surveys and customer satisfaction research and works hard to keep up with industry trends and developments. In addition, it offers professional training courses and supports essential services for small businesses and large corporations.

6. The Repair Association

repair logo

The Repair Association is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the cause of repairing things rather than replacing them. It supports grassroots efforts across the country, builds relationships with lawmakers, and educates consumers about the benefits of fixing things and why they matter. members have been active participants in standards development organizations such as the Electronics Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT), National Science Foundation (NSF), and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). These groups guide manufacturers to produce products that are easier to recycle, reduce hazardous materials used during manufacturing processes, and help consumers make better choices about how to dispose of electronics.

Monthly Newsletter

The monthly newsletter is just one example of the information provided to members. In addition to providing news, analysis, and expert opinions, it also gives you actionable tips, ways to take charge of your life, and advice on how to use technology to improve your life. Every issue includes resources like articles, training videos, podcasts, and blog posts to help you become a better consumer, manufacturer, distributor, retailer, installer, educator, employer, or politician.

To Conclude

Choosing the right Appliance Repair Associations is important because they provide valuable resources for professionals who want to advance their careers. And there’s nothing wrong with joining multiple groups as not all of them offer the same thing. Have you made your choice yet? Let us know in the comments.